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Cuisine at the Edmond

A Galilean-European culinary experience



The hotel restaurant -  Victoria -  is comfortably and elegantly designed, combining the best of old world cuisine with modern touches. The flagship dishes of the dinner include a selection of meats, alongside a variety of fresh fish and vegetables from the Galilee. Breakfast features handmade cheeses, fresh salads, and a selection of breads and crispy pastries from the oven.

The restaurant is characterized by classical cooking style, whicha  gives maximum expression to the natural flavors of the dishes, with a fastidious level of service that makes the Victoria restaurant an unforgettable culinary experience.


A Galilean wine experience

Discover the tastes and smells of the Galilee region in the wine room of our boutique hotel, which specializes in Galilee wines. Indulge in a glass of carefully selected vintages, each one reflecting the region's unique repertoire.


Our team will guide you on a journey of discovering new wines, sharing their passion and expertise for local wines. With a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, our wine room is the perfect setting for a social gathering. Savor the flavors of the region and immerse yourself in the culture of the Galilee. Book now and experience the best of the Galilean wine culture in our luxurious wine room.


The Laurece Bar

Laurence is luxury bar inspired by the period of the British Mandate and is characterized by a classically elegant atmosphere. The bar serves the finest drinks and blends the past with the present in a unique menu alongside a wide selection of cognac, whiskey and rare aperitifs. 

The Laurence Bar was inspired by Laurence Oliphant - writer, member of the British Parliament,  diplomat,  journalist,  and the mystical figures of the Mystique In the history of Rosh Pina.


The bar is designed with colonial inspiration, on the purity of ancient wood and marble stone, with a unique menu.

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